Rewarding students for effort, achievement and attendance is fundamental to the ethos of our school. The vast majority of our students are great ambassadors for us and we should ignore them at our peril.

The school’s rewards system is designed to be fair and transparent as well as allowing students to be recognised for their outstanding achievement.

Achievement and Behaviour Points

Every member of staff within the Mayfield community can issue achievement points to students. Achievement points are collated every six weeks and the top students from each house are rewarded for their efforts in a celebration assembly. Achievement points have a direct impact on attendance to the prom and rewards trips. Click here for details of criteria for the prom and reward trips.

We also have a number of different ways of rewarding students including;

* Achievement points

* Reward slips to take home

* Letters home

* Texts from your teachers

* 6 R certificates

* Reward teas

* 500 club

* 1000 club

* Presentation evening

* Reward trips (years 7-10 only)

* Prom (year 11 only)

* Golden tickets for free reward trip passes

* Free prom tickets for 100% attendance

* Achievement points for all pupils with 100% attendance for the week

Please note that students who fail to meet the initial prom criteria will not be entitled to a free prom ticket even if they have 100% attendance.


Subject Recognition Nomination