What is a Young Carer?

  • Young people under the age of 18;
  • Providing care for/looking after a relative at home;
  • The duties they take on and help they give is more than someone their age usually does;
  • This may have an effect on their school or social life.

Who does a Young Carer look after?

  • Mum and/or Dad;
  • Or brother, sister or lots of siblings;
  • A grandparent;
  • Maybe even a neighbour.

Why may somebody be a Young Carer?

  • Mental Health difficulties such as depression, bipolar;
  • Physical Disabilities;
  • Long-term illnesses such as cancer;
  • Alcohol or drug issues and addictions;
  • Acting as a translator.

Types of Care:

  • Physical - helping to wash or dress, helping to use a wheelchair;

  • Practical - cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, getting brothers or sisters up and off to school;

  • Emotional – supporting family members emotionally – such as keeping the person they care for company, spending time with them.

How do I know?

  • There is no one way a Young Carer may act or behave;
  • It could be the person sat next to you;
  • Or it could be you.

What if I don’t want to tell you?

  • FEAR: Some may be scared they’ll let the family down or be taken into care;
  • TRUTH: That’s not why I’ve got my role – it’s to provide a space for you to be yourself and leave behind any worries you’ve got;
  • Caring for someone does not, in itself, put you in danger or at risk;
  • It’s about making your caring role easier.

What is out there for Young Carers?

  • Under 14s group - Saturdays in the John Pounds Centre;
  • 14+ group - Monday nights in the Carers Centre;
  • Annual Young Carers Festival;
  • One to ones for more information.

How should I treat a Young Carer?

  • Don’t use it against a Young Carer (not that you would);
  • But on the same note, don’t go on and on if you do know – respect their privacy;
  • Young Carers work really hard for their families - so try to be understanding.

Who can I talk to? If this sounds like you then you can speak to:

  • Your Tutor;
  • Your Head of House;
  • Your contact at school: Mrs E Anders, Mrs Michelle John and Miss Holliday.