Commitment to the Most-Able and Talented




At Mayfield School, we aim to provide an inclusive and integrated whole-school approach for both our Most-Able pupils and our Talented pupils, with a focus on the unique strengths and talents of our young people.

We encourage all pupils to fulfill their potential through extension and enrichment. This is enabled by providing them with access to a broad curriculum, suitably challenging learning opportunities and activities that both extend and enrich their learning as well as promoting high aspirations, good progress and high attainment. As such we are therefore committed to creating a culture where we celebrate effort, progress and achievement.

For full details of how we identify and support our IGNITErs and Talented pupils please click on the link here.

Parental Form

Please use the form here to tell us about your child’s talents. We are interested to learn more about your child and the talents they have e.g. if they are highly skilled in a sport or instrument. Where applicable this information may be used to inform the Talented register for a particular subject.

Should you have any further questions regarding the identification of our IGNITE or Talented pupils, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs.Cleary:

Student Descriptors

If your child has been identified as talented in the Senior section please click here for the descriptors.

Talented Students