Friday 1st February 2019 - We are open as normal. 


The following information is provided to staff, parents and pupils to minimise the impact of extreme weather on the smooth operation of the school and keep all members of our community safe. Every effort will be made to ensure that the school will operate as normal – any changes will be posted on our website.


Take precautions – consider what sensible precautions you can take to minimise the impact of extreme weather:


  • Set aside additional time for your commute to and from school;
  • Consider alternative means of transport for your commute e.g. car sharing;
  • Make sure you have the right telephone numbers saved on your phone to alert the school if you are going to be late or absent and that your phone is well charged;
  • Consider sharing your mobile phone number within your staff team so that you can stay in touch with others;
  • Discuss within your staff team what work can be posted on the website so that pupils can learn from home.


Take care – remember that extreme weather may lead to a higher risk of accidents in and around the building:


  • Take extra care whilst walking around – floor surfaces may be slippery;
  • Report immediately to the site team any risks;
  • Close doors and windows to conserve heat;
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the cold especially when undertaking outside activities.


Stay in touch – it is important to keep informed during periods of extreme weather however:


  • Keep messages short and clear;
  • Regularly visit the school’s website – this will always have the most up to date information;


Useful numbers for parents and pupils:

If your child needs to be absent then contact us as soon as possible on by:

E              :     

T              :               02392 693 432 ext 236 (answer phone)

T              :               02392 693 432 ext 271

M            :               07908676745


Useful numbers for staff:

If you are likely to be late or absent then contact us as soon as possible by:

M            :               02392672464

Primary and KS3

Please work on your Prep projects


Please complete the following GCSE tasks:

Snow Day Work