Governing Body

Becoming a Governor at Mayfield School

Who are Governors?

Governors are Britain’s biggest volunteer group, with over 350,000 in schools across the country. They come from all walks of life and bring a range of skills to governing bodies. You don’t have to be an education expert to be a governor, but you do have to be passionate about education. Governors are people who:

  • Are willing to work in a team;
  • Offer an external perspective to the school;
  • Have a desire to help the community;
  • Are not afraid to challenge assumptions and express their opinion.

What do Governors do?

The school governing body is responsible for improving the school. They do this by:

  • Supporting the Headteacher and the staff;
  • Challenging the Headteacher and the staff;
  • Setting the direction of the school;
  • Promoting high standards;
  • Checking on school performance;
  • Using the school’s budget effectively.

They support the school’s staff, enabling them to provide the best possible standards of education which helps children throughout the school be able to realise their aspirations. An effective governing body is a source of tremendous strength for the school and helps its leaders cope with major issues and handle change.

Can I be a Governor?

Anyone over 18 can apply to be a governor and you will be required to submit to a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. The most important quality you need is a desire to provide children with the best possible standard of education to give them the chance to realise their dreams. Everyone has his or her own unique perspective to bring, and all your experience will be of benefit. Generally speaking governors are not highly qualified individuals, they are just regular people with a passion for education.

How much time will it take up?

Most of the governors’ work is done through meetings. You will normally be expected to attend between 2 and 4 per term, which will mean you’ll go to a meeting of the whole Governing Body and then a Committee meeting too. There is an expectation that you will read all the paperwork for the meetings in advance, and also attend training regularly, which does add to the time it takes. On joining the Governing Body you will be provided with a detailed induction file, training will be provided and an experienced Governor will mentor and guide you through the early days.

Governors don't get paid, so what do I get from it?

Being a school governor is a unique chance to increase your own skills. You will learn about lots of different areas of school life, which can also be applied in other business environments. You’ll get first hand experience in HR, strategic planning, project management and budget control - experience you can take back to your working life. There is also specific training in each of these areas available from the City Council.

You will also gain a sense of satisfaction that the children in school will really benefit from your efforts. There is also an opportunity to work with people from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. You may also be entitled to time off work for being a school governor - so check with your employer.

Still Interested?

If you feel that you can help our school become the best in Portsmouth, then please register your interest to become one of our Parent Governors by contacting Ms. Pat Janiec, Clerk to the Governors

Financial Information

Local Authority Schools are required to report their financial information through a process of Consistent Financial Reporting.  The most recent Consistent Financial Reporting data that is available for Mayfield can be accessed through the link below:

Consistent Financial Reporting 2015-16

Resignation from the Governing Body

To resign from the governing body, the relevant governor would inform the Chair of the Governing Body of their decision to resign.  The Clerk to the governing body would then amend the details of committee memberships, roles and responsibilities and update information on the website, HCC governorhub and Edubase.